Why I Love “Extreme” Sports.

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I’ve been thinking recently of why I have always been drawn to sports that are called “extreme” Bmx, Skateboard, Parkour, fighting sports etc.. and I realised it is that they are different and offer so much in terms of accomplishing things most people are to afraid to do.. when you talk about these things with a lot of people it’s normally met by awe, and they will say something like “wow, I wish I could do that” I always think why don’t you then, but for most it’s a dream they don’t care about that much, not enough to commit time too, and go out of the comfort zone for anyway.. 

That’s one reason I like them, they offer great challenges of both the mind and body, always pushing past the comfort zone, and learning new skills which you always feel a great sense of accomplishment, the other thing I…

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Brandon Novak: To Hell and Back Again

“I know with certainty that someone cares about you and your life. You may believe otherwise but someone always cares about an addict they love.The problem sometime is in the mind of the addict. You may be convinced otherwise for any number of reasons, paramount of which is the hesitance of a loved one to speak his or her words of love and care and concern to you. Many people have a hard time revealing their emotions. Take my word for it, they do love you and they are devastated at their inability to help you. Please try to understand them. By understanding them, you may help yourself.”



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