Red Bull GRC: Skateboard icon Bucky Lasek earns first GRC podium (VIDEO)


Bucky Lasek added yet another X Games medal to his trophy case Saturday in Austin, Texas. But this one was different.

After more than two decades of competition, the 41-year-old has established himself as one of the most decorated skateboarders on the planet. But two years ago, Lasek decided to give rallycross racing a try.

His progress in the sport was recognized in 2013 when he earned Red Bull Global Rallycross’ sportsmanship award, but he had yet to get that breakthrough finish for Subaru Rally Team USA.

On Saturday, it finally came as Lasek earned X Games silver – his first Red Bull GRC podium – behind winner Scott Speed at Circuit of the Americas.


Afterwards, Lasek told the GRC’s official website that his new rallycross silver was “the hardest-fought medal I’ve ever had to work for.”

“It brings me to tears, I’m just holding them back,” he added. “My…

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X Games Austin 2014: 14 year old Tom Schaar wins Skateboard Big Air


Day two wrapped with huge crowds as America’s Navy Skateboard Big Air took center stage and five of the sports best athletes fought windy conditions to prove who could show the best style, creativity and amplitude on massive ramp. At just 14-years-old, Tom Schaar claimed his first-ever gold with the night’s most impressive run – a memorable 720 over the gap into a 900 on the quarterpipe – earning him a score of 89.00.

As the second youngest gold medalist in X Games history, he beat out Big Air legend Bob Burnquist, who as most decorated X Games athlete in history with 27 total medals, added a silver to his collection with score of 88.00. Edgard Pereira rounded out the podium with a bronze-earning score of 87.00.

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Skype at the X Games Austin 2014



Good Skater But Lousy Neighbor: San Juan Residents Tell Nyjah Huston We’ve Got A Problem

CBS Los Angeles

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO (  — Nyjah Huston is considered one of the best skateboarders on the planet.

As neighbors go, he’s ranked a lot lower.

KCAL9’s Bobby Kaple spoke to some of the X Games superstars neighbors and to hear them tell it, Huston we have a problem.

Kaple said the neighbors complain about what they call the 19-year-old’s hard-partying lifestyle.

He lives in a multimillion-dollar home, but they think he’s a party animal.

“When the music’s blaring, you would think you were at Caesar’s Palace,” says neighbor Rob Morey.

Morey lives across the street from Huston and says the parties are constant and out of control.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s Monday or Tuesday … Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The parties have just been crazy. There are 200-300 people here on weekends. You can’t even pull a car down the middle of the street,” Morey said.

Deputies have been…

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Are Extreme Sports Too Risky?

Kim Kircher

Each one of us has our own risk/reward calculus. Or perhaps we just weigh risk differently. Some people feel the sharp tang of risk just taking a stroll in the woods. Others can surf 30 foot waves or free-solo El Cap without breaking much of a sweat.

Chuck Patterson catches some air Chuck Patterson catches some air

Regardless of where a person is on the risk continuum, others are always standing by to put that person in a box. Thrill-seekers take too many risks for their sport, say some. The risk-averse aren’t truly living, say others.

Since when did we care so much about the risks (or the lack thereof) that other people take?

The New York Times recently published an article about the risks in extreme sports. The author cites the soaring popularity of extreme sports and claims that, “many young people eager for an adrenaline rush are trying to copy their extreme sports idols, putting…

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Spotlight – Tom Lodge, Artist

Ash Walker


Earlier this week I caught up with a good friend of mine named Tom, or Lodge as we call him. We’ve been friends for years now and met, the same way I met most of my dearest friends, through skateboarding. As we hung out at our local skate park, I got asking him how his drawing was going. You see, Lodge is an artist. Currently studying down south at Westminster University, he is heading towards the end of his three year course. This post is an insight to him and his work.

“I was born and raised in Huddersfield, and I know that what I’m about to say is this godawful cliché, but I really enjoyed drawing as a kid. That and climbing trees, but I rarely do that whilst sober anymore. I was properly drawn to art during my adolescence at QEGS, a public school in Wakefield. Although, I…

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Nyjah Huston “Fade to Black”

Lochlan Dougherty

Thrasher magazine has just released Nyjah Huston’s highly anticipated video part ” Fade to Black ” with the help of sponsors DC Shoes and Element Skateboarding. Again Nyjah has returned with an even more impressive array of jaw dropping tricks on features even the most fearless skaters wouldn’t dare attempt. Trick after trick Nyjah Huston continues to blow the skateboarding community out of the water, watch history being made right before your eyes!

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Classics: Shane Cross “Let’s Live”

Shane Cross (22 August 1986 – 7 March 2007)

Australian, was in a motorcycle crash 7 March 2007 along with the driver,Ali Boulala.  Shane died but Ali survived a four month coma.  He served four years in prison.

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Why I Love “Extreme” Sports.

Self Development Inspiration And Training

I’ve been thinking recently of why I have always been drawn to sports that are called “extreme” Bmx, Skateboard, Parkour, fighting sports etc.. and I realised it is that they are different and offer so much in terms of accomplishing things most people are to afraid to do.. when you talk about these things with a lot of people it’s normally met by awe, and they will say something like “wow, I wish I could do that” I always think why don’t you then, but for most it’s a dream they don’t care about that much, not enough to commit time too, and go out of the comfort zone for anyway.. 

That’s one reason I like them, they offer great challenges of both the mind and body, always pushing past the comfort zone, and learning new skills which you always feel a great sense of accomplishment, the other thing I…

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Street League Skateboarding Prelims X Games Los Angeles 2013