Skatepark Saturday: New Skatepark in Niagara

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Tony Hawk’s Loop of Death – Slams, Attempts and Makes

Tony Hawk’s Loop of Death – Slams, Attempts and Makes.

via Tony Hawk’s Loop of Death – Slams, Attempts and Makes.

Signed skateboard memorabilia: mostly Tony Hawk

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X Games Austin 2014: 14 year old Tom Schaar wins Skateboard Big Air


Day two wrapped with huge crowds as America’s Navy Skateboard Big Air took center stage and five of the sports best athletes fought windy conditions to prove who could show the best style, creativity and amplitude on massive ramp. At just 14-years-old, Tom Schaar claimed his first-ever gold with the night’s most impressive run – a memorable 720 over the gap into a 900 on the quarterpipe – earning him a score of 89.00.

As the second youngest gold medalist in X Games history, he beat out Big Air legend Bob Burnquist, who as most decorated X Games athlete in history with 27 total medals, added a silver to his collection with score of 88.00. Edgard Pereira rounded out the podium with a bronze-earning score of 87.00.

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Tony Hawk apologizes for lying about hoverboards

For The Win

Earlier this week, we brought you news of a lovely viral video showing one group’s vision for a hoverboard.

It was awesome: It autobalanced so that users couldn’t fall off. Tony Hawk was there. There was an app to chart a course around town.

But because science hasn’t advanced that far and sometimes life just isn’t fair, Hawk confirmed that it was all fake in a video released on Wednesday.

“I wanted to believe it as much as you did,” said the pro skateboarder. “But to me it was just a fun opportunity to ride a DeLorean with Doc and to actually ride on the stunt harness they used back in Back to the Future II.”


“So I’m sorry for misleading everyone again,” he added. “And I wish as much as you do that hoverboards were real and I’m sure that one day they will be. But until then, we…

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Vans Bondi Bowl-a-Rama 2014 in live streaming !!!

Skate Agenda

bowl o rama 2014
This weekend at the Bondi Skate Park , Bondi Beach( Australia) will be held the 10th edition of the Bowl-a-Rama !!!
The PRO division list of riders including Pedro Barros, Bucky Lasek, Rune Glifberg, Josh Stafford, Sam Beckett, Alex Sorgente, Brad McClain, Omar Hassan, Kalani David, Mike Owen, Steve Pineiro, Alex Perelson, Sky Siljeg, Nathan Beck, Joshua Borden, Renton Millar, Nolan Monroe, Felipe Foguinho, Josh Rodriguez, Raven Tershay, Otavio Neto, Jack Fardell, Greyson Fletcher, Zach Miller, Darren Navarette, Alain Goikoetxea and Raney Beres


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Frontside Fastplant with Riley Stevens



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Meet Clive: Godfather of Irish Skateboarding

Katie Roche

“Does Tony Hawk use scooters?” a customer asks Clive Rowen, owner of Skate City in Dublin’s Temple Bar. “Hmmm… not really,” he says, guiding the customer over to a set of scooters. The customer’s son, who looks around 6 years old, points to the wall and asks, “Is that a longboard?” He gazes in awe.

It’s quite clear his mother has other plans for him: safer, scooter activities to be exact, but you can tell he really wants the longboard; this boy will never survive in a skatepark on a scooter. If Clive had the choice, he wouldn’t sell scooters, his real passion is skateboarding but business is business.

Clive has had a skate shop since 1978. His first store opened on Hill street, which is now the name of a documentary about the Irish skateboarding scene. Last month, Hill Street was acquired by a film distributor. “It was announced…

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2-year-old skateboarding toddler might be the next Tony Hawk

For The Win

Meet Kahlei, a 2-year-old from Victoria, Australia, who may just be the best baby skater on the planet. According to The Guardian, Kahlei has been skating since he was six months old.

Kahlei’s skills blew our mind, but FTW would like to suggest wearing a helmet.

(Thanks to The Guardian for bringing this to our attention.)

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