St Patrick’s day fashion


First up, we would like to wish you lovely ladies a very MERRY St Paddy’s Day!

We’ve compiled our perfect St Paddy’s day outfit, to make your friends green with envy (ha, sorry!) Check out what we’ve come up with below

meowMeow Skateboards Evergreen Raglan

A modern twist on a classic baseball tee, small pocket print on left breast with a full back print.

Meow Skateboards is focused on having fun and creating high-quality products that will help support an all female team. Order yours from their shop, only £15 (+shipping!)

hufsocksHUF ‘3/17’ Socks

HUF has launched special-edition St Patricks day 2014 socks that celebrate the patron saint of Ireland. The socks — which come in white with green clover leaf design or green with white clover leaf prints — are definitely a step up from the “Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirt your friends will be wearing! These socks are available now…

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Hey! First Post!


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Royal Streetwear Co.

To everyone reading this, This is the official blog for Royal Streetwear Co., and we are glad to announce that we have started a skateboarding and clothing company. Online stores would be set up if our community wants them. As of this moment, our e-mail is A product list will be up in a bit  Also, we will only ship within Canada. Sorry guys! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to follow this blog and share it with your friends!

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Why I’ve taken up skateboarding


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