Skatepark Saturdays: Sayreville Skatepark

N Ernston Road and Washington Road

Sayreville, NJ 08859



Decks and air and those other terms I forget now



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So This Is Where All The Hot Women Are Hiding…


Breaking news boys, from your not-so-single woman on the ground – a large number of females congregated in Central London last Thursday night…and they were all in one place!

Obviously after reading the very informative Marie Claire article a pack of hungry, looking-the-part females descended upon the temporary Selfridges HTC One Park in search of hot single men. Clearly not reading the fine print they were left sorely disappointed after finding out it was a designated women’s evening.
You can only imagine the uproar that ensued – what was the point of wearing ones cap backwards and carrying a skateboard ‘blend in’ accessory if you weren’t going to get a boyfriend out of it?

Given the option of carrying their boards around all evening looking the part or actually giving it a go – everyone opted for the later…all 47 of them!! And what a night it was.

The old…

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David Lougedo for Feel skateboarding : welcome video – SPAIN

Final Indoor Vert Session. Copenhagen skatepark. March 2014.


Gerald Busto PY WTH1AADSC_8957 Emil DK WTH1AADSC_8960 Tobias Plas DKWTH1AADSC_8967 Kristian Uhre DK WTH1AADSC_8979 James Elms GBR WTH1AADSC_8996 Kristian Uhre DK WTH1AADSC_9000

The Copenhagen skatepark remains, the vert there will go. You have until May 2014 for one more warm cruise in the centrally heated air. Do you know any other indoor parks with central heating?

I’d like to thank and remember all of the people associated with this place and I look forward to see what comes in place of Bo Larsens ramp. “size does matter”

Cheers guys.

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Grip Tape & Grazed Knees

We Don't Have Trouble Sleeping.

Spending most of my weekends working in a skate shop, I reckon it’s worth posting a bit about the skate scene in Cardiff. There has been a pretty thriving skate scene in south Wales for some time now. Cardiff itself is home to a number of Skate shops tucked away in the city centres arcades, the longest running being City Surf, an independent store which been around since 1986. As the interest in extreme sports such as skateboarding continues to grow, places like Cardiff are beginning to see the positive effects.

Cardiff is rapidly becoming a thriving hub for the skate scene in south Wales with a number of new skate parks popping up. The barrage skate plaza in Cardiff bay offers a nifty little street park specifically designed by skateboarders for the skateboarders. It see’s action most of the year round (weather permitting) and is usually heaving on a…

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Drinking real ale and skateboarding for a good cause


Boatyard Seasonal Jams, Feb 2014

Here’s a video filmed and edited by Rich Sibley from an awesome event to raise much needed funds to improve Falmouth skatepark, which I hasten to add is in dire need of improvement.

Hosted by Seasonal jams it was held at The Rebel Brewing company in Penryn.

It only cost a fiver to get in and there was a marvellous selection of locally brewed ales at only £2.50 a pint. Needless to say the event was super fun and a massive success, helping to raise money and awareness about the need for better skateboard facilities in falmouth.

Seasonal jams are looking at hosting regular events like this is the future so keep your eyes out for that.

You can check out the campaign to get a new skatepark on facebook here: Get Falmouth a new skatepark!

The event was supported by Sessions Surf & Skate…

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Selfridges x HTC Park opening March 27th


“So, as the free spirit of board culture grips fashion for spring 2014, Selfridges and Dazed have joined forces to present ‘Board Games’, a skate and surf magazine celebrating the landmark retailer’s Board Games takeover.” – Dazed Digital.

Picture 31

From the 27th of March, HTC One are taking over the old Selfridges hotel and turning it into a Skate Park to mark the launch of their new phone. The pop-up skate park is FREE and open to one and all. Take a look at the Trailer here...

In the Selfridges store for the next 6-weeks you’ll find The Board Room containing 1000 world-exclusive skateboards, including 50 very limited editions from the world’s biggest brands. (Although PLEASE don’t buy this overpriced trash, go support your local skater owned shop instead; like Skate Pharmacy,Lost Art & Note to name just a few!!!)

However, if you would like to take advantage of their…

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Lichfield News – Skatepark, Golf Course and Commonwealth Flag

Chasewaterstuff's Railway & Canal Blog

Lichfield News


Skatepark opens, while landscaping works continue


Local skaters can now practise their tricks at Lichfield’s brand new skatepark in Beacon Park!

Following the completion of the first phase of the project, Lichfield District Council has opened Beacon Park’s skatepark, which can now be used by skaters.

The second phase of the project got underway in February, which includes landscaping the area with grass, trees and plants. This will continue throughout March.

Councillor Andrew Smith, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Leisure & Parks, said: “We’re still putting the finishing touches to the skatepark but know that skaters are itching to use the facility so we’ve opened it up to them earlier than planned, while we complete the landscaping. We hope everyone enjoys using it, but we would ask everyone to keep to the paths when getting to and from the skatepark, to give the grass a good…

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Orange cove skatepark shoot

jebus87's Blog


A shot of my cousin at the skatepark he wanted to include the middle finger as well haha. I think this shows how us skaters are like are attitude we dont let anyone put us down and to get right back up after you fall.

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