Dream Skateboards “Barely Legal” full length movie online!! – GERMANY

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Dream Skateboards1

The full lenght movie from the german company Dream Skateboards is now online. The video is called “Barely Legal”.

skaters: Dennis Klüssendorf, Pascal Pancho De Stena, Nob Palicsak, Danny Goodman, Daniel Frosch Winkenhoff, Justin Schulz, Tim Grünewald, Moritz Glükher and friends

Dream Skateboards

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#skateboarding made simple vol. 2


Get all of the Skateboarding Made Simple downloads:






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She Shredder: Michigan’s Female Downhill Skateboarder

Lindsay Dymond

Loryn Roberson is a professional downhill skateboarder sponsored by Action Board Sports. She is the only female professional in Michigan and has traveled around the U.S. and overseas longboarding. As a senior public relations student at Central Michigan University, Roberson has turned her passion for skateboarding into a career. She is currently interning with Action Board Sports and aspires to continue with public relations in the skate industry.

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Decks and air and those other terms I forget now



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Longboard Virgins


A sad fact that we all have to face at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere: winter is nearly over.
Instead of crying into our pillows and spending our days waxing our snowboards, watching videos of ANYONE shredding on the youtube and vimeo, sleeping in till noon because mornings are no fun when there’s no snow… NO MORE. we decided to take action. We decided to invest in a shiny new longboard and lose our longboard virginity, dust off the skates and get ready for summer! Here’s what went down…

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Grip Tape & Grazed Knees

We Don't Have Trouble Sleeping.

Spending most of my weekends working in a skate shop, I reckon it’s worth posting a bit about the skate scene in Cardiff. There has been a pretty thriving skate scene in south Wales for some time now. Cardiff itself is home to a number of Skate shops tucked away in the city centres arcades, the longest running being City Surf, an independent store which been around since 1986. As the interest in extreme sports such as skateboarding continues to grow, places like Cardiff are beginning to see the positive effects.

Cardiff is rapidly becoming a thriving hub for the skate scene in south Wales with a number of new skate parks popping up. The barrage skate plaza in Cardiff bay offers a nifty little street park specifically designed by skateboarders for the skateboarders. It see’s action most of the year round (weather permitting) and is usually heaving on a…

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HYS – Essex Skateboarding


A Skateboarder in NYC.
A Skateboarder in NYC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Skateboard Polish Grand Prix 2013 Prize-Giving & contest : results – POLAND

Skate Agenda

2013- prizegiving
On the 25th january at the Pool Forum in Kraków, Poland was held the official Prize giving of the Polish Grand Prix 201+ Krakow Bowl Challenge (Jam and Best Trick). The Polish champion 2013 is Andrzej “Jejo” Podsiadło and Michał “Mazi” Mazur second.
Andrzej Podsiadło won the sponsorship of Cliche for 1 year.
The youngest rider was Mateusz Okuła he won the sponsorship of Thunder !

Skateboard Polish Grand Prix 2013 PODIUM:
1 Andrew “Jejo” Podsiadło
2 Michael “Mazi” Mazur
3 Simon “Szaban” Kus

The results of the Kraków Bowl Challenge:
1 Andrzej Kwiatek
2 Kuba Brniak
3 Michał Zarzycki
4 Michał Juraś
5 Mateusz Okuła

Best Tricks:
1 Mikołaj Baranowski (Flip 5-0 to fakie)
2 Przemek Wardęga (long bs 5-0 to bs lipslide)

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