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David Lougedo for Feel skateboarding : welcome video – SPAIN

The Skateboard Girl

My Real Experience

I was driving to class today while jamming out to some Arctic Monkey’s. I see this girl on a skateboard about to cross the street, so I stop to let her go in front of me. As quickly as she crossed the street, she immediately spins around and skates parallel to my car. She says something, but I couldn’t hear it over my music. So I turned it down and she says “Are you listening to Arctic Monkey’s?!?!” I told her I was. She simply replied with “Right on” and a head nod.

It’s the little things like finding someone that appreciates the same music you do that can brighten your day just a little bit more.

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Tony Hawks’ 1980s Inspired Krooked Skateboards Guest Model

2-year-old skateboarding toddler might be the next Tony Hawk

For The Win

Meet Kahlei, a 2-year-old from Victoria, Australia, who may just be the best baby skater on the planet. According to The Guardian, Kahlei has been skating since he was six months old.

Kahlei’s skills blew our mind, but FTW would like to suggest wearing a helmet.

(Thanks to The Guardian for bringing this to our attention.)

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Rye and Meg’s TOP 5


2013 has been here and now its toast. We skated/filmed A LOT last summer. Pretty much every weekend was a mini skatecation to shoot something. Weather it be Megan shooting photos or myself doing follow runs with the otb homies. We got a lot of great shots and memories. We are so stoked for 2014. Get hyped for tons of videos, Today’s Toeside, Onterrible Event Coverage, a lengthy OTB video with rider parts and oodles of more content for DD. We also plan on doing some merch and other cool ideas that will help brand DD a little more. So with all that being said let me jump to the reason of this blog. Megan and I decided we’d do a “Top 5 Favs” We’ve each picked our 5 favorite photos from last season and here they are.

This photo was shot on a run we started freeriding on. It…

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Spotlight – Tom Lodge, Artist

Ash Walker


Earlier this week I caught up with a good friend of mine named Tom, or Lodge as we call him. We’ve been friends for years now and met, the same way I met most of my dearest friends, through skateboarding. As we hung out at our local skate park, I got asking him how his drawing was going. You see, Lodge is an artist. Currently studying down south at Westminster University, he is heading towards the end of his three year course. This post is an insight to him and his work.

“I was born and raised in Huddersfield, and I know that what I’m about to say is this godawful cliché, but I really enjoyed drawing as a kid. That and climbing trees, but I rarely do that whilst sober anymore. I was properly drawn to art during my adolescence at QEGS, a public school in Wakefield. Although, I…

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P-Stone’s Year in Rebru 2013 (Skateboarding)


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SHUT NYC “Go Skateboarding Day”


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