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etnies presents: AB&A


Featuring the endlessly creative skating of Sweden’s [autotag]Albert Nyberg[/autotag], all-terrain destruction of England’s [autotag]Barney Page[/autotag], and super heavy hammer fest of Belgium’s [autotag]Axel Cruysberghs[/autotag], the etnies European am video is a face melter.

Filmed all over the world, spanning an entire year, this is the first time either of these international rippers has put out a major street part overseas. Three individual parts, one amazing project. This is AB&A.

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Veganism and Skateboarding Part 1

Oh! Saka!

On this blog I have talked about being vegan and a skater – its trials and tribulations. But I want to introduce the companies, organizations, and skaters who proudly fly the vegan flag.

First, being vegan is hard, Period. But trying to find vegan skate shoes, clothes, etc is very hard. Vegans everywhere are used to researching everything they buy.

Here are a few great places to find stuff. Emerica, eS, Vans, and Lakai are very supportive of veganism and have a wide variety styles, colors, etc.

Vegan skate shoe websites

vegan kicks

blog, links to where to buy shoes online, reviews, etc

vegan kinetic

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