Historical Thursday: Street Dreams

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The Seductive Kickflip; a Long Love/Hate Relationship

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Today I have a glorious update that I actually skated, the first time in 5 weeks. First I skated down the street to make some errands. Then later in the day I went to Forest Park. I took it easy and I am not sure if my neck is 100 percent. I did not fall much, and only did 2 kickflips. Both kickflips were very slow, just a baby push, a slow roll, and then the trick.  I landed both, which is a slight accomplishment I guess. In my memory, I don’t remember any sessions that I have not done kickflips. No matter how easy I’m taking it I always gravitate to doing flip tricks and in particular kickflips. I’ve hurt myself on kickflips so I love them and hate them.

5 weeks ago I went to Forest Park and a few of my friends were there. We decided to…

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Rob and Big

My mom and I used to watch this when it was on.  I don’t know if she’ll enjoy the Fantasy Factory as much, but she definitely thinks Rob and Big is funny.  Then again, if she can sit and watch “Viva La Bam” with me, maybe she can watch an episode or two of F.F.