Back to the Streets 2014 : registrations are open! – POLAND

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On the 24 and 25 may at the Skateplaza Leszno in Poland will be held ,the amazing two-day skateboarding event, the Back To The Streets 2014. BTTS is a pure street skateboarding event. If you want to be a part of this event the registrations are open from yesterday.

Check the official page:


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Skateboard Polish Grand Prix 2013 Prize-Giving & contest : results – POLAND

Skate Agenda

2013- prizegiving
On the 25th january at the Pool Forum in Kraków, Poland was held the official Prize giving of the Polish Grand Prix 201+ Krakow Bowl Challenge (Jam and Best Trick). The Polish champion 2013 is Andrzej “Jejo” Podsiadło and Michał “Mazi” Mazur second.
Andrzej Podsiadło won the sponsorship of Cliche for 1 year.
The youngest rider was Mateusz Okuła he won the sponsorship of Thunder !

Skateboard Polish Grand Prix 2013 PODIUM:
1 Andrew “Jejo” Podsiadło
2 Michael “Mazi” Mazur
3 Simon “Szaban” Kus

The results of the Kraków Bowl Challenge:
1 Andrzej Kwiatek
2 Kuba Brniak
3 Michał Zarzycki
4 Michał Juraś
5 Mateusz Okuła

Best Tricks:
1 Mikołaj Baranowski (Flip 5-0 to fakie)
2 Przemek Wardęga (long bs 5-0 to bs lipslide)

more info HERE

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Lines Of Bielawa 2013 : results & video report – POLAND

Skate Agenda

lines of bielawa
On the 3rd and 4th august was held the Lines Of Bielawa 2013. One of the biggest contest in Poland.  Here is the first video report !

Maxim Habanec won the 2013 Lines Of Bielawa

1 Maxim Habanec
2 Bartek Górka
3 Martin Pek

Best Trick – double set:
1 Hardflip revert – Dominik Jaworowski
2 Switch tailslide heelflip out – Martin Pek
3 Late backfoot flip – Krzysiek Kozłowski

more results and report HERE

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Skate Woodcamp 2013 : info & video – POLAND

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At the Polish Skate Woodcamp ,the biggest skateboard camp in Europe , the session No.1 of the 2013 season is over
Here is the video report / recap from great times in a great place !

There is still oportunity to join Woodcamp and skate on a brand new plaza and more, see details at
official page:


Skate Woodcamp 2013 T1. Oficjalna Relacja from WoodcampTV on Vimeo.

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