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Lessons in Oneness: Schooled by Philly Homeless

Life is like sanskrit read to a pony. ~ Lou Reed

Got schooled by the homeless in Philly today, a lesson in gratitude, respect & honor. Don’t let anyone tell you we’re not the City of Brotherly Love. I will be all over them like mustard on a soft pretzel. You can take the girl out of Overbrook…

Life threatening frigid temperatures in Philly.  Code Blue.  I’m in my safe suburban cocoon lamenting with a friend, lazily discussing how it’s just too cold to do anything.  Visions of the homeless in center city sleeping on cardboard boxes or damp steam vents.    Didn’t know what, but I had to do something.

th-2Got off of spreading rear and sprung into action. Solicited donations from friends, rounded up Linda and we headed down I-95 in the Prius weighed down with blankets, sleeping bags, warm clothes, fruit,  peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and coffee shop gift cards.  We were Thelma and Louise.  And at times…

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2013 year in review…it was a Philly year in skateboarding.


Undoubtedly, 2013 had shun a lot of lights on Philly skateboarding scene. Thanks to the influencial likes of Ishod Wair, Jimmy McDonald, Chris Mulhern, Mark Suciu, and the Sabotage crew to name a few- who have all worked so hard and passionately to produce some of the best street footages of the year featuring Philly and  the signature east coast skateboarding.

It wasn’t a surprise to me that Ishod made it to the last 5 of soty ’13 and won it, although the rest of the contenders all had equally killed it all year but Ishod’s ability on the board and personality off the board, earned him the title. I had the opportunity to personally congratulate him when he came by my bar to get a six pack to go, and I bought him a Jamison shot.

Jimmy McDonald is another Philly associated skater that made a headline in 2013 when he turned pro…

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