New Sunset LED Cruiser & Longboard Wheels In Store

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We just received new stock of the super popular Sunset cruiser wheels and longboard wheels! These are longboard wheels with LED lights in them that power themselves by the motion of the wheel spinning! No Batteries Needed! We have a variety of different sizes and colours available. Check out the video below! Shop Online at:

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Hip Hop Longboarding

Hip Hop Longboarding

Hip Hop Longboarding is an outdoor sport that combines hip hop with longboarding. It takes a great deal of balance and skill.

Share your longboarding dancing skills and comments here.

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Switching it up

North Island Skating

So it’s sadly been a little while since I’ve updated this blog… oops. Lately Seever and I have been skating as much as possible and it’s been rad! Yesterday we woke up and saw that the sun was shining, so we drove out to hit Slug Slayer (The dump road), a twist jagged road that’ll get you up to about 65 km/h. It was our first time doing anything like that in a while so it was a ton of fun! I drove Seever up to the top of the hill for his first run and told him to get out and grab his lid, gloves and board, and then I drove and parked off to the side in the middle of the hill and waited to see how he would do with it. I wish I filmed it. I remember watching him coming around the corner with a total…

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Rayne Longboards

My Blog

Rayne Longboards

My son wouldn’t settle for any other longboard but Rayne. I figure it’s all he’s been talking about for years because of their quality and reputation.

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Don’t miss it: Local Longboarding Co. takes on DTSP

The 'Burger

If you haven’t seen them online or at one of St. Petersburg’s daytime markets, such as February’s enormously successful Localtopia, you’ve probably seen them under the fresh kicks of one of St. Petersburg’s many longboarders as they zip down the side of a congested downtown street.

 This Saturday, Local Longboarding Company, owned by St. Pete woodworkers/skater dudes Jon Stine and Travis Hise, establishes its presence even more firmly with the opening of a storefront at 659 Central Ave.


The five-year-old company’s store opening event will serve as the first in a series of art shows featuring Local Longboarding Co. boards with one-of-a-kind graphics — from sugar skulls to Ninja Turtles to shrunken heads — all added by local artists.

600 Block neighbors Cycle Brewing, for whom Hise and Stine crafted bars and tables, will provide hoppy refreshments on site while DJ Rozak of Planet Retro (who will also have…

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Longboard Virgins


A sad fact that we all have to face at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere: winter is nearly over.
Instead of crying into our pillows and spending our days waxing our snowboards, watching videos of ANYONE shredding on the youtube and vimeo, sleeping in till noon because mornings are no fun when there’s no snow… NO MORE. we decided to take action. We decided to invest in a shiny new longboard and lose our longboard virginity, dust off the skates and get ready for summer! Here’s what went down…

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Skating For Those Who Love Skating

Longboarding. I know many people haven’t heard of it but longboarding is another form of skating, just with a bigger and wider board. Most people use longboards for cruising at the beach but can also be used for downhill races and sliding. Although you can’t do as many tricks as you would do on a skateboard, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any you can’t learn. Most people learn how to slide with a longboard, which is basically drifting, but there are different kinds of longboards which differ in shape in shape and size that allow you to do allot more different tricks than you would on a skateboard.longboard

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Longboarders ticketed for using bike lanes


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Spring has arrived!


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#ridealongboard Has Featured

They like me! They really really like me! 🙂

Lovely review of this site from

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