So This Is Where All The Hot Women Are Hiding…


Breaking news boys, from your not-so-single woman on the ground – a large number of females congregated in Central London last Thursday night…and they were all in one place!

Obviously after reading the very informative Marie Claire article a pack of hungry, looking-the-part females descended upon the temporary Selfridges HTC One Park in search of hot single men. Clearly not reading the fine print they were left sorely disappointed after finding out it was a designated women’s evening.
You can only imagine the uproar that ensued – what was the point of wearing ones cap backwards and carrying a skateboard ‘blend in’ accessory if you weren’t going to get a boyfriend out of it?

Given the option of carrying their boards around all evening looking the part or actually giving it a go – everyone opted for the later…all 47 of them!! And what a night it was.

The old…

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Girls Skate Night at Bay66 Skate park



There will be a girls only skate session at Bay66 Skate park in London THIS FRIDAY 7th March. 7:30pm – 10:30pm, £5. It’s a rad park with plenty to do so go skate, have a chat and meet some new friends! All ages and abilities welcome, go get involved!

 Girls Skate Night

Address: Bay66 Skatepark
65 Acklam Road
W10 5YU

Phone:    020 8969 4669

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The Confinement of Skateboarding Within Cities


Our current module at University is based on the idea of communities – within this guideline we were placed into groups where we thought of a single word main subject idea to work around. We are representing ‘Confinement’.

From this, and after respected research, I took my passion route of skateboarding, and for the past month i’ve been working around and photographing the confinement of skateboarding within cities.

The war on skateboarding from governments and councils around the world, more specifically in UK cities for now, have forced (us) skateboarders to represent ourselves and continue the culture of skateboarding and the complete freedom we and it portrays, street skateboarding being the biggest movement. In cases of being a result of misconception by this ‘hierarchy’, being pushed out of city centres at times, representing DIY skateparks and city wars, and i’ve been turning this into making photographs.

Below are photographs from…

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Huf “Stoops Euro Tour” Part 1


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Long Live South Bank – The Bigger Picture


The skateboard ban of 1978

The Long and Winding Road

Passing by Somerset Skate Park and watching a skateboarder in action, I was reminded of a time when skateboards first made an appearance in Singapore some three and a half decades or so in early 1976. Then, there were no skate parks catering to skateboarders to speak of and many would take to footpaths and even the streets. This was until a ban was imposed on skateboarding in public places including parks and void decks in May 1978 when I was in Secondary 2 – with the police warning that they would not hesitate to prosecute anyone caught as skateboarding was thought to be not just a nuisance, but also a dangerous activity. With a rink in Sentosa which had been popular with skateboarders (it was also possible to rent skateboards there) deciding to also close their doors to skateboarders not long after that, many skateboarders had to turn to…

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Thrasher x HUF Stoops Euro Tour 2013 Amsterdam Demo : video – NETHERLANDS

Subaltern Heritage and Leisure: The Southbank Skatepark

Sport Heritage Review

Heritage is one of those processes that is normally top-down.  In other words, what “the heritage” is often comes from the social, cultural, or political elite who prescribe what is/is not worthy of protection, conservation, funding.  However, in the past generation or so, there have been wider forms of representation of heritage – some of which have come from oppositional groups.  In other words, heritage can be a process by which meaning can be enforced on a group, but heritage can also be used as a form of resistance to these meanings.  Sometimes this binary exists – the elite forcing their views on the masses, and the masses resisting by creating and enshrining their own heritage – though, recently, it seems how (and who) uses heritage and for what ends doesn’t necessarily follow this script.

Which leads me to the curious case of the Southbank Skatepark.  If you have every…

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