Classics: Kenny Reed “7 Year Glitch”



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Krooked Welcomes Sebo Walker

Fiction wear “Nothing” : video – RUSSIA

Nike SB Shelter “Grand Opening” : video – GERMANY

Skate Agenda

Nike SB Shelter - Grand Opening
Here is the official video of the opening day of the new skatepark, Skatehalle in Berlin the Nike SB Shelter. On the opening day there was the Nike SB team demo with: Shane O’Neill, Luan Oliveira, Donovon Piscopo, Youness Amrani and other nike SB riders. Check the video

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Sebo Walker – No Complys & Wallrides + Mannys (Sk8rats contest 2014)

The SK8room presents Roa, a trip to Cambodia



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Damage Headwear Promo : video – SPAIN

BANA Skate Party 2013 – PORTUGAL

Skate Agenda

bana skate
On the 20 october at the DC Boardriders Skatepark in Ericeira ( coast of Portugal ) will be held the 2nd edition of the BANA Skate Party , street competition and bowl with a nice barbecue to follow!

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Matterhorn UK

I heard about this organisation a couple of years ago from a Trash Talk twitter post promoting this, and i followed the link to the video. I still follow them on twitter, and the work they do is inspiring to rehabilitating a broken country that has seen decades of conflict, changes of government and occupation. What the organisation is trying to do is promote education and equality within a strict muslim country allow girls to gain the equality that many women in that country dream of and teaching them how to skate. A surprising fact is that Afghan girls can’t ride a bicycle, but they can ride a skateboard. So imagine how empowering that is for a girl in Afghanistan. I think just watch the video below and it will hit you how this organisation has provided a positive effect on the kids in Afghanistan whom have had the good…

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