She Shredder: Michigan’s Female Downhill Skateboarder

Lindsay Dymond

Loryn Roberson is a professional downhill skateboarder sponsored by Action Board Sports. She is the only female professional in Michigan and has traveled around the U.S. and overseas longboarding. As a senior public relations student at Central Michigan University, Roberson has turned her passion for skateboarding into a career. She is currently interning with Action Board Sports and aspires to continue with public relations in the skate industry.

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Sweet Kicks #Vans

Sidewalk Surfing

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but longboarding and skateboarding in general, tears up your shoes. That’s why there are actual skate shoes. I am very fond of Vans myself. I currently have 8 pairs and I love them all. After going down a hill and getting speed wobbles, you kind of want to put the breaks on a bit, otherwise known as dragging your toe on the ground. While bodies heal and shoes don’t, I’d rather scrap them up than have to bail… These are my poor babies and their battle scars acquired from boarding.



I haven’t used these much, so the front isn’t really ground down.



I haven’t used these at all. I actually hardly wear them… They’re the weird plastic see through ones…



Now my pink ones, I’ve used them quite a bit as you can tell. I ride goofy, which is with…

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The Skateboard Girl

My Real Experience

I was driving to class today while jamming out to some Arctic Monkey’s. I see this girl on a skateboard about to cross the street, so I stop to let her go in front of me. As quickly as she crossed the street, she immediately spins around and skates parallel to my car. She says something, but I couldn’t hear it over my music. So I turned it down and she says “Are you listening to Arctic Monkey’s?!?!” I told her I was. She simply replied with “Right on” and a head nod.

It’s the little things like finding someone that appreciates the same music you do that can brighten your day just a little bit more.

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Sirk’s Girl’s First Board

Society's Enemy

Sirk’s Girl was gifted her very own and very first skateboard for Christmas, from Sirk. He picked out the wheels, trucks, and hardware. She picked the board size, design, and griptape. Everything was purchased at Long’s Board Shop, one of Maine’s local skate shops! She can’t wait to learn more with her new board!

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Matterhorn UK

I heard about this organisation a couple of years ago from a Trash Talk twitter post promoting this, and i followed the link to the video. I still follow them on twitter, and the work they do is inspiring to rehabilitating a broken country that has seen decades of conflict, changes of government and occupation. What the organisation is trying to do is promote education and equality within a strict muslim country allow girls to gain the equality that many women in that country dream of and teaching them how to skate. A surprising fact is that Afghan girls can’t ride a bicycle, but they can ride a skateboard. So imagine how empowering that is for a girl in Afghanistan. I think just watch the video below and it will hit you how this organisation has provided a positive effect on the kids in Afghanistan whom have had the good…

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