Nyjah Huston “Fade to Black”

Lochlan Dougherty

Thrasher magazine has just released Nyjah Huston’s highly anticipated video part ” Fade to Black ” with the help of sponsors DC Shoes and Element Skateboarding. Again Nyjah has returned with an even more impressive array of jaw dropping tricks on features even the most fearless skaters wouldn’t dare attempt. Trick after trick Nyjah Huston continues to blow the skateboarding community out of the water, watch history being made right before your eyes!

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LIFESTYLE: #ElementWolfeboro Authentech – Spitsbergen, #Norway – Full Film #SKATE #SKATEBOARDING

Stacksandkicks Lifestyle

Amidst the waters of the Arctic Ocean on the island of Spitsbergen lies the northernmost miniramp in the world.

This is where the unprecedented expedition took place for the Element Wolfeboro Authentech campaign. It is a trip Element team rider Karsten Kleppan will always remember – skateboarding in the midst of stunning scenery, facing freezing temperatures where polar bears wander and days never end.

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