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Finding Meaning in Life

This was an interview i did for another great project I am involved in called Influence. Funny enough I am now involved with Jibe Longboards too…one thing leads to another in life and I am so fortunate to always have a lot of change surrounding me. Happy reading and don´t stop riding!


How I succeed is an ongoing blog series that gives you the story straight from the horse’s mouth. This is where Influence gets up close and personal with accomplished entrepreneurs from all walks of life. We bring you an insight to all aspects of being an entrepreneur, from the business perspective to the more personal details of their journey.

In this first article of the series you can read about Alexander Bengtsen, the founder of Jibe Longboards. Jibe has had an extremely adventurous year. In 2013 the company has successfully launched a web shop as well as…

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Final Indoor Vert Session. Copenhagen skatepark. March 2014.


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The Copenhagen skatepark remains, the vert there will go. You have until May 2014 for one more warm cruise in the centrally heated air. Do you know any other indoor parks with central heating?

I’d like to thank and remember all of the people associated with this place and I look forward to see what comes in place of Bo Larsens ramp. “size does matter”

Cheers guys.

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Huf “Stoops Euro Tour” Part 1


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Thrasher x HUF Stoops Euro Tour 2013 Amsterdam Demo : video – NETHERLANDS