etnies presents: AB&A


Featuring the endlessly creative skating of Sweden’s [autotag]Albert Nyberg[/autotag], all-terrain destruction of England’s [autotag]Barney Page[/autotag], and super heavy hammer fest of Belgium’s [autotag]Axel Cruysberghs[/autotag], the etnies European am video is a face melter.

Filmed all over the world, spanning an entire year, this is the first time either of these international rippers has put out a major street part overseas. Three individual parts, one amazing project. This is AB&A.

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Skateboard expo brings pros to San Fernando Valley


When Danny Scott’s son Andrew started skateboarding, the entertainment-industry veteran saw an opportunity.

Scott and his partner, world-famous skateboarder Christian Hasoi formed a company last year to expand into skateboard parks and other events, including the 2013 Southern California Summer Skateboarding Expo, which runs through Sunday at Pedlow Field Skate Park in Encino.

“We decided to do it here because we owe a lot to Pedlow. This is where Andrew skates and he’s here every day,” said the Encino resident.

Written by Kelly Goff.

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Back On Board – Introduction

Back On Board


Please allow me introduce myself, and the purpose of this blog. I’m a 40-year old married father of 2, working as a graphic designer. I have loved skateboarding since as far back as I can remember. Names like Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, and Danny Way were the guys I looked up to as a kid. Companies like Powell-Peralta, Santa Cruz, Independent, Tracker, and Vision, were the big names in skate gear. I skated with a group of guys I knew from church and from my neighborhood. We would skate launch ramps, half-pipes, and parking lots until we were just plain exhausted – then eat a ton of junk food, drink some Gatorade, and go skate some more. In the interest of honesty, I should say up front I never was an awesome skateboarder, though not for a lack of trying. I…

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