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Brandon Novak

Joe Frantz

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a boy.  At a glance, he seems like your average all-American boy with chestnut colored hair and big blue eyes.

But this boy was different.

This boy, with the help of a piece of wood and four wheels, could fly.

With the help of a piece of wood and four wheels, he could pirouette in the air as long as one’s heart can beat three times in a row.

This boy’s talent amalgamated with this piece of wood and four wheels and produced one of the most talented and youngest skateboarders the world has ever seen.

Fate had plans for this boy, and taking a page from Robert Frost, gave him two roads he could choose from on his way to adulthood.  There was the Light road, a road that promised strength, positivity through adversity, purity, innocence, success, sobriety, the unlimited riches that is hope, love-making, and unconditional courage.  There was the Dark road, a road that promised enablers and the Devil’s salesmen instead of love, despair disguised as euphoria, evil, substance abuse, failure, deception, cowardice and empty sex that counts as a form of currency.

He was young, and the young are easily enticed, even if they were raised a few streets down from the Dark road like this boy was.

Dreamseller is the story of this boy who could soar on a handful of heartbeats choosing to spend most of his life wandering aimlessly down the Dark road, and of the characters he meets along the way, how insignificant or impactful they may be.

Dreamseller is the story of a boy who grew up to come out of the other side of that Dark road to recently celebrate his first sober birthday in 20 years, blowing out his candles, wishing for his happily ever after.


Brandon Novak: To Hell and Back Again

“I know with certainty that someone cares about you and your life. You may believe otherwise but someone always cares about an addict they love.The problem sometime is in the mind of the addict. You may be convinced otherwise for any number of reasons, paramount of which is the hesitance of a loved one to speak his or her words of love and care and concern to you. Many people have a hard time revealing their emotions. Take my word for it, they do love you and they are devastated at their inability to help you. Please try to understand them. By understanding them, you may help yourself.”



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Brandon Novak update: jail sentence and Dreamseller sequel (by Joe Frantz)

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