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Tony Hawk’s Loop of Death – Slams, Attempts and Makes

Tony Hawk’s Loop of Death – Slams, Attempts and Makes.

via Tony Hawk’s Loop of Death – Slams, Attempts and Makes.


#tomvrab skater throwback

From Tom’s instagram:


Hope you’re feeling better, Tom! We miss you! ❤


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Let Us Roam: Arto Saari

Switching it up

North Island Skating

So it’s sadly been a little while since I’ve updated this blog… oops. Lately Seever and I have been skating as much as possible and it’s been rad! Yesterday we woke up and saw that the sun was shining, so we drove out to hit Slug Slayer (The dump road), a twist jagged road that’ll get you up to about 65 km/h. It was our first time doing anything like that in a while so it was a ton of fun! I drove Seever up to the top of the hill for his first run and told him to get out and grab his lid, gloves and board, and then I drove and parked off to the side in the middle of the hill and waited to see how he would do with it. I wish I filmed it. I remember watching him coming around the corner with a total…

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Xavier Coleman and all the homies killed it with this one! The perfect length to watch and get hyped to go skate.

-Brian Tristano
-Chris Dagostino
-Chris Sorini
-Nick Zizzo
-Jerry Barboza
-Kevin Johanek
-Jalen Noel

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Maxim Habanec “Black Rabbit 4ever” video part is online – CZECH REP.

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Skate Agenda

Maxim Habanec Black Rabbit 4ever
The 1st part of the movie “Black Rabbit 4ever ” is now online! Incredible Maxim Habanec as always!

www.facebook.com/black rabbit4ever

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