Bam Margera on “Family Therapy w/ Dr. Jenn”

Bam’s drinking is so out of control that they’re on a Dr. Jenn show.  Hopefully he can get to rehab and hash it out there a few times.  He’s really lost since Ryan Dunn died.  I hope him and Brandon Novak are able to take the time they need to clean up their life and get out of that darkness, because I’ve been there and it’s scary.


Rayne Longboards

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Rayne Longboards

My son wouldn’t settle for any other longboard but Rayne. I figure it’s all he’s been talking about for years because of their quality and reputation.

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St Patrick’s day fashion


First up, we would like to wish you lovely ladies a very MERRY St Paddy’s Day!

We’ve compiled our perfect St Paddy’s day outfit, to make your friends green with envy (ha, sorry!) Check out what we’ve come up with below

meowMeow Skateboards Evergreen Raglan

A modern twist on a classic baseball tee, small pocket print on left breast with a full back print.

Meow Skateboards is focused on having fun and creating high-quality products that will help support an all female team. Order yours from their shop, only £15 (+shipping!)

hufsocksHUF ‘3/17’ Socks

HUF has launched special-edition St Patricks day 2014 socks that celebrate the patron saint of Ireland. The socks — which come in white with green clover leaf design or green with white clover leaf prints — are definitely a step up from the “Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirt your friends will be wearing! These socks are available now…

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Olle Karlsson for Regulate Skateboard Co. : video – SWEDEN

Lucy gets crafty


Have you ever imagined how rad would it be to ride a board you made with your own fair hands? Well, Lucy Adams has been busy (as always!) doing exactly that! She teamed up with carpenter Dave Simmons to make her very own custom shaped deck – literally from scratch, from glueing the plys to cutting the shape, it was all 100% handmade!

In Lucys own words…

“Last year I started a project with David Simmons who offers a custom made skateboard making service in his workshop in Worthing, West Sussex. I learned every step of the process from gluing to the shaping with the help of David! I then sent my board up to Lovenskate for screen printing and now I’m riding it!”

Check out this video of the making process, along with some bonus skate footage once it was complete!

Rad. We are well into DIY here at Girl Skate UK so…

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great day to go out and skate!


it seriously is a nice day out here in the DYT so i decided to go out and skateboard. So today this post is all about skateboarding.

ive been dying to actually be outside in the nice weather and just ride my board with feeling of freedom beneath my feet and today it was nice enough to do so.

with the crazy people that i’ve encountered telling me NO this isnt a place to skateboard go to a park or something….PLEASE DIRECT ME TO THE NEAREST PARK THAT ISNT IN A 15 MILE RADIUS. because here in ohio there are parks around but without a vehicle those places are hard to get to, thus leaving street skating a more enjoyable and great way to skate.

Now when it comes to skaters vs the world its like this, ALMOST everyone is against it because skateboarders are seen as delinquents who are…

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Sirk’s Girl’s First Board

Society's Enemy

Sirk’s Girl was gifted her very own and very first skateboard for Christmas, from Sirk. He picked out the wheels, trucks, and hardware. She picked the board size, design, and griptape. Everything was purchased at Long’s Board Shop, one of Maine’s local skate shops! She can’t wait to learn more with her new board!

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Miroslav Bodiš for HOITY-TOITY : welcome video – SLOVAKIA

Skateboards Made From Objects