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Case of the Mondays: Philadelphia Skateboard Supply

Since I have lived next to Philadelphia all of my life, I am going to have a series that gives tribute to the skateboarding scene, so I hope you enjoy my “Case of the Mondays”!


Decks and air and those other terms I forget now

Kelly Hafermann

2014-03-22-123intensify If you’re a regular reader, then you know I like photographing skateboarders.  Not often do I get the chance to see them perform physics-pushing feats of skill, because most of the skateboarders I see will never be the next Tony Hawk.

But I have to give credit where credit is due.  I found myself a really, really good bunch of skateboarders in downtown Philadelphia.  Each and every one of them had the skills to keep moving and not fall down.  (I don’t know the technical terminology.  Help me out, folks.  Is this an ollie? I feel like this should be an ollie.  It’s been a while since the X-Games taught me this stuff).

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2013 year in review…it was a Philly year in skateboarding.


Undoubtedly, 2013 had shun a lot of lights on Philly skateboarding scene. Thanks to the influencial likes of Ishod Wair, Jimmy McDonald, Chris Mulhern, Mark Suciu, and the Sabotage crew to name a few- who have all worked so hard and passionately to produce some of the best street footages of the year featuring Philly and  the signature east coast skateboarding.

It wasn’t a surprise to me that Ishod made it to the last 5 of soty ’13 and won it, although the rest of the contenders all had equally killed it all year but Ishod’s ability on the board and personality off the board, earned him the title. I had the opportunity to personally congratulate him when he came by my bar to get a six pack to go, and I bought him a Jamison shot.

Jimmy McDonald is another Philly associated skater that made a headline in 2013 when he turned pro…

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