How to start long boarding/what you will need to start


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There are plenty of sites about skateboarding, but not nearly enough about longboarding, and wants to be your one stop site for all things longboarding!

My favorite part of the site is the original articles and the infographics:

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Longboarding at White Rock Lake

B&C Reinventing the Journey

Hello Everyone!

We did some longboarding at White Rock Lake in Dallas a few days ago. Here is some footage for you all to enjoy filmed with the GoPro Hero 3 silver edition.

If you are in Dallas, go for a visit at White Rock Lake. It is a beautiful place to take a walk, bike, skate, or just sit and enjoy the view. The Dallas Arboretum is next door.

I (Carla) just learned two months ago how to skateboard. Bruno taught me while I was visiting him in Brazil. It is really a great sport to pick up. It is very fun and you also get a nice sweat going. I never thought I would be able to skateboard. If you are interested, go for it, it is worth the effort of learning and falling in the beginning.

We will be posting new material soon as we are going…

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401 Skate with Jeremy and Lyndsey



July 13, 2013

Saturday was the first day of my vacation, so when Ryan suggested I take him to thee local “401 hill” for some skating I immediately agreed! So we got to the hill and met up with an awesome couple, Lyndsey and Jeremy. Both are part of the Belleville Longboard Club but Ryan had only really rode with them once or twice before. I was super stoked to meet a girl from our area who is willing to ride with the guys and learn a few tricks ( there are not very many around here). Here are some shots from the night and hopefully we will meet up with them again soon. And only 2 more days until Ithaca!






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