Meet Clive: Godfather of Irish Skateboarding

Katie Roche

“Does Tony Hawk use scooters?” a customer asks Clive Rowen, owner of Skate City in Dublin’s Temple Bar. “Hmmm… not really,” he says, guiding the customer over to a set of scooters. The customer’s son, who looks around 6 years old, points to the wall and asks, “Is that a longboard?” He gazes in awe.

It’s quite clear his mother has other plans for him: safer, scooter activities to be exact, but you can tell he really wants the longboard; this boy will never survive in a skatepark on a scooter. If Clive had the choice, he wouldn’t sell scooters, his real passion is skateboarding but business is business.

Clive has had a skate shop since 1978. His first store opened on Hill street, which is now the name of a documentary about the Irish skateboarding scene. Last month, Hill Street was acquired by a film distributor. “It was announced…

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Nike SB Shelter “Grand Opening” : video – GERMANY

Skate Agenda

Nike SB Shelter - Grand Opening
Here is the official video of the opening day of the new skatepark, Skatehalle in Berlin the Nike SB Shelter. On the opening day there was the Nike SB team demo with: Shane O’Neill, Luan Oliveira, Donovon Piscopo, Youness Amrani and other nike SB riders. Check the video

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Sebo Walker – No Complys & Wallrides + Mannys (Sk8rats contest 2014)

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TPDG for PLACE Magazine “Berlin Diaries ” : video – GERMANY

Damage Headwear Promo : video – SPAIN

BANA Skate Party 2013 – PORTUGAL

Skate Agenda

bana skate
On the 20 october at the DC Boardriders Skatepark in Ericeira ( coast of Portugal ) will be held the 2nd edition of the BANA Skate Party , street competition and bowl with a nice barbecue to follow!

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Skate Agenda


On the 14th september at the Vižde Skate Park in Žalec ,Slovenia will be held a skateboard contest. Categories: -16 in +16.

More info and photos of the park HERE



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