GoPro: Electric Skateboard Kid

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Electric Skateboard – New Discovery for Modern Transportation

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Are you tired of walking everywhere or bored of riding your same bike or car? Then immediately switch on to electric skateboards to complete your local tasks.  Since 1960, skateboards have been the idea of fun for teenagers, mostly in the west, though it has spread to other parts of world recently. Most of the people are not aware of these skateboards, but this is an excellent transport media which does not require any fuels for transportation. It just requires our body energy and makes the people to ride free too. A skateboard is a plywood board with the wheels attached on its bottom designed for skateboarding. Frequently it comes with a polyurethane covering and it makes the descending smoother for the skateboarder. It is moved and be carried by pushing with one foot while keeping the other on the board.

For the list new invention in transportation, new

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