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Hands down… favorite shot —Hands down… favorite shot

I had a lot of good shots with a lot of different people doing different things, but this one jumped out to me as a favorite. There’s a great level of detail and very little correction was needed. This is Joe doing a palms down bluntslide. I think I saw one other skater doing something […]

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The Boomerang Effect

Occasionally, I shoot some video on my phone during my shoots with the skaters. It gives me a little something extra to play with. Since I post on instagram, I’ll occasionally throw together a quick video that loops well. Occasionally, I’ll have it loop in both directions to mimic instagram’s boomerang effect. Here’s one such […]

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Christopher ‘Big Black’ Boykin: Juicy J & More Celebs Mourn His Tragic Passing At 45

Nooo! 2017 has brought another sad passing with the untimely death of former MTV star Christopher ‘Big Black’ Boykin at just 45-years-old. Tributes are pouring in from celebrities and former co-stars and we’ve got the emotional messages.

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10 Top Tips for Learning to Skateboard

Skateboarding is a great way to get yourself and your kids outdoors for some active fun. Here are the basics to get started… 1. Work out your stance Knowing which foot to keep on the board is quite tricky. So ask yourself this: if you were going to run and skid across a slippery floor, which foot would […]

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New Huf Gear in plus the Huf X Thrasher Collab

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The Ollie

Alright guys, I’ve been skating all day just working on the ollie. Like I said before, I am pretty much a full on beginner but at least I know how to control the board when I ride. But anyways, so far I am starting to get the hang of the form of the ollie. All I […]

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Jim Greco: The year 13

Coming on the heels of last years ‘The Way Out‘, Jim Greco, with special guests Chris ‘Dune’ Pastras, Jeremy Klein, Danny Sargent and many more give you for your viewing pleasure, ‘the Year 13‘ .

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Dreamseller Review

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Brandon Novak

Joe Frantz

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a boy.  At a glance, he seems like your average all-American boy with chestnut colored hair and big blue eyes.

But this boy was different.

This boy, with the help of a piece of wood and four wheels, could fly.

With the help of a piece of wood and four wheels, he could pirouette in the air as long as one’s heart can beat three times in a row.

This boy’s talent amalgamated with this piece of wood and four wheels and produced one of the most talented and youngest skateboarders the world has ever seen.

Fate had plans for this boy, and taking a page from Robert Frost, gave him two roads he could choose from on his way to adulthood.  There was the Light road, a road that promised strength, positivity through adversity, purity, innocence, success, sobriety, the unlimited riches that is hope, love-making, and unconditional courage.  There was the Dark road, a road that promised enablers and the Devil’s salesmen instead of love, despair disguised as euphoria, evil, substance abuse, failure, deception, cowardice and empty sex that counts as a form of currency.

He was young, and the young are easily enticed, even if they were raised a few streets down from the Dark road like this boy was.

Dreamseller is the story of this boy who could soar on a handful of heartbeats choosing to spend most of his life wandering aimlessly down the Dark road, and of the characters he meets along the way, how insignificant or impactful they may be.

Dreamseller is the story of a boy who grew up to come out of the other side of that Dark road to recently celebrate his first sober birthday in 20 years, blowing out his candles, wishing for his happily ever after.

Lacey Baker, Thrasher Interview

A few weeks ago Lacey Baker released her part “My World” in collaboration with Thrasher Magazine. It was arguably one of the best female parts ever released and and gathered over 16000 likes on Facebook, with the average like count for Thrasher never really pushing 5000. The part oozed technical ability and had the steeze […]

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