It’s been a busy two weeks (part 1) — fixed position film cameras

It started with a text from a friend in the know. “Would you want to shoot a portrait of Ray Barbee with your box camera?” A quick call to him confirmed that the skateboard legend/musician/photographer was coming to Detroit and had heard about the box camera I built. Fast forward four days, I found myself […]

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Fire — Skate or Pie

During my time away from skating I would slightly miss it occasionally. This would lead to sitting on the Slap forums or watching videos on Thrasher. My Facebook and Twitter always brought up stories from Sidewalk and Kingpin. I’d always think of getting a board again, or setting up the various parts I still have […]

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Tredje Atken —

Here is Tor “Tao” Ström’s first full length featuring Oski, Tormod Tønessen, Hjalte Halberg, Sebastian Wang Holm, Douglas Meurling, Ville Wester, Emil Kjeldsen, Samuel Norgren, Jacob Ovgren, Günes Özdogan, Bobby Worrest and the Polar boys.

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