Pro Skateboarder Julz Lynn Making Noise In 2015

Gøne ツ Ska†îηg

Julz Lynn is killing it everywhere she skates. The girl has more stoke than most of us and she’s just beginning to write her own skateboarding legend.

All hail, “Julz Of The Nile!”

Julz and Mikayla skate for Silly Girl skateboards, a FUllerton-based skateboard maker.

Skater Of The Month, The Amazing and Sexy Ripper, Julz Lynn

Julz crail slide - Ken HadaJulz Lynn shreds any terrain, like this crail slide on a mini ramp

Julz Indy AirJulz Lynn Dives Down This Indy Grab With The Greatest Of Easy

Julz LynnJulz Lynn, Fs layback with style points included
Julz SillyJulz Lynn plants an invert at the famous DC ramp complex.

Julz Smith GrindJuls stands up on a FS smith grind.

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