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My daughter with her $12 skateboard-artifact My daughter with her $12 skateboard-artifact

In a recent Punk Archaeology post, I described my experience at Trenton, New Jersey’s Punk Rock Flea Market. As we were looking at various Punk wares, I spied a well-loved skateboard hanging on a pegboard. The price was truly Punk: $12.00. I looked at my daughter, 12 years old, black Chucks, beanie, hair in her face. “You wanna skateboard?” Her eyes lit up. I paid $12 cash, handed the new ride to her, and she carried it for the rest of the morning without complaint.

Bottom of the skateboard-artifact. Bottom of the skateboard-artifact.

I had bought an artifact without any stated provenance at an open-air market from a dealer I didn’t know. Part of the impulse buy was to fulfill a need I had when I was a kid: I never had a skateboard. My parents (as many parents do) would buy me stuff, but typically off-brands…

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SF Treat: Our Changing City


High rises, and even higher rent. San Francisco is changing, but the streets will always belong to them..

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Next week, Friday the 20th of November sees the first Ladies night held in our own backyard at The House Skatepark in Sheffield. There is no more of a fine example of a skater owned business as the House. It has served Sheffield skaters and beyond for a span of 3 decades, and after holding various jams and nights elsewhere, we thought it was about time we had one at the House.

Starting from 7pm right through until 10pm, all for a fiver, it will be girls only, on wheels in any shape or form. We have some lovely product from the likes of HUF, Brixton and Story to give away also, so get down, get involved and get yourself a little something to take away with you. There will be safety equipment for hire also, so if you are a complete beginner and just want to try it out we’ve got…

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