Local skate shop is more than just a store for Ithaca community

Brenden Kelsey McKim

Written with  Kristen Gowdy.

On an uncharacteristically warm November day, Andrew Douglas stands outside washing the windows of his store, Homegrown Skateshop.

The store is, for now, void of customers. In this first hour of the business day, the interior of the shop is silent, except for a soft guitar tune that solidifies the shop’s eased nature. Inside, neat rows of shoes and clothes line the perimeter of the simplistically modern space. The back wall has been covered in an array of decks, save for a small television in the corner that plays skating videos on repeat.

Douglas, the store’s founder and owner, is taking advantage of the current lack of customers by enjoying the mid-70s weather. He chats with local passerby and takes his time cleaning the massive windows that make up his storefront.

“Anything to be outside on a day like today,” he says.

After all, skating season is…

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