Boarding at Olivet


Hyped, stoked, ready to shred it. I’d tried not to bail while hoping to one day be able to bomb this hill like junior Riley Dale. His gnarly tricks and ability to slide with steeze was pretty dope. This was my introduction to the longboarding world.

Longboarding terminology:

Bail: To fall of your board

Bomb: To ride down a hill fast

Gnarly: Extreme, difficult, dangerous

Hyped: Excited, pumped up
Steeze: Coolness

Stoked: Intensely hyped

“Try to come down on your heel not your toes,” Dale said. I was trying to learn how to foot brake—a rudimentary skill of any longboarder who wants to be able to skate downhill without bailing.

Dale began longboarding after he rode the board of a fellow camp counselor at a camp he worked at in Michigan over the summer. “It was just that feeling like you’re just riding. It was effortless,” Dale said.

Senior Colton…

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