“Thriving In Decay”

So What is Skateboarding?

The skateboarding subculture has boasted about its existence among gritty environments since the early days.  At face value that feels right, but Pat Fisher questioned this premise and had different conclusions.  By comparing the historical rise of skating and BMX with economics and other factors Pat began to see a different story.

Pat’s main medium is BMX and he has been skateboarding for several years.  I love talking/arguing with him about the minutiae of skating and other related activities.  At first I disagreed with many of Pat’s points when he described this short-film before its completion, but after viewing my opinions changed and I have a new perspective on the history of skateboarding.  Pat asked for my help in this project to add some skateboarding knowledge and footage and I’m stoked I got to contribute.  I had a lot of fun working on this even though some of my footage sucks.  It was all worth it just…

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