Penny boards, long boards and hover boards, oh my!

Wofford College

By: Katie Sanders, Staff Writer

College students have always been creative in thinking of ways to get five extra minutes of sleep, while still making it to class on time. Riding rather than walking serves as a good solution. Recently, the number of students riding a board to class is catching up to the number of students riding a bike, the more traditional option.

“I once rode my long board from Marsh to the back of the Village in four minutes,” says freshman Cassandra Panky. “I can get from Marsh to Olin in two minutes.”

Panky has been skateboarding since she was seven, but on campus, she sticks to long boarding.

“The sidewalks have grooves that catch skateboard wheels. It’s better to long board or penny board, because they have bigger wheels. Skateboarding is more for tricks, while long boarding and penny boarding are for cruising. I’m on the soccer…

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