Why to Choose a Tesseract Longboard or skateboard?

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For a geek “Tesseract” means an eight sided cube that exists in the fourth dimension or can be imagined as a blue magical cube in the Hollywood movie-Avengers. Among skateboarding and logboarding enthusiasts, “Tesseract” is an extra dimensional board, which is designed to be quiver killer and ready offer exceptional longboarding or skateboarding experience while enjoying slides, ollies and manuals. Tesseract longboard or skateboard has a composite construction with two vertically laminated bamboo cores sandwiched between fiberglass skins with a bottom layer of cork, which forms a unique deck. Having a composite design makes the Tesseract longboard or skateboard light in weight, compared to its size and thickness.

Loaded Tesseract Longboard Skateboard Complete

How Tesseract longboard or skateboard will prove effective?
Commuting in the City or Campus:

Being agile and light, the Tesseract longboard or skateboard is great for commuting on city streets or campus. Having 24.5 or 26 inch wheelbase, the Tesseract longboard or…

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