E-Go Cruiser – What is So Special about This Electric Longboard?

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You might be craving for a magnetic  levitating board like the hoverboard for frictionless transportation. The year 2015 has arrived and any such skateboard could not get materialized so far. But fortunately an amazing electric longboard has taken shape – the Yuneec E-Go Cruiser!

It is powered by battery and includes a deck of durable Canadian Maple wood. Apart from this, a wireless controller for speed adjustment, truck tool, an assortment of charging cables and owner’s manual are provided with this riding unit. Carving and Riding on the E-Go electric longboard is smooth and easy, and the motor placed undercarriage of this board does not give problem to users in getting with speed no matter whatever is their weight and size.

With all these features, the E-Go Cruiser seems fantastic for skate riding.  Though it is simple in design and looks like standard longboards but can always bring more fun…

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