This Teen Who Taught A Little Girl How To Skate Will Restore Your Faith In The Next Generation

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Source: Imgur

It might be easy to grumble about “kids these days…” when interacting with obnoxious teenagers, but maybe some of them are more mature and kind-hearted than we give them credit for.

Jeanean Thomas was nervous about taking her daughter to a seemingly out-of-control skatepark for the girl’s first few scoots on a new skateboard. But when a teenage boy got involved, her daughter’s first skating experience ended up better than anyone could have ever imagined.

Source: Imgur

Here’s the text if you need it:

Dear teenage boy at skate park: You’re probably about 15 years old, so I don’t expect you to be very mature or for you to want a little girl on your skate ramp for that matter.

What you don’t know is that my daughter has been wanting to skateboard for months. I actually had to convince her that skateboarding wasn’t for just for boys.

So when…

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