The Uganda Skateboard Union -

The Uganda Skateboard Union, together with the Republic of Uganda! Appreciates a lot to a Republic of Germany Government, to have fantastic Projects which helped Africans and support youth in various Countries like in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and so many an mentioned Counties!
Skate-Aid Project from the Republic of Germany is the subject! This Skate-Aid project since 2010, they are supporting the Union! Skate-Aid did a lot of achievements to the Union, Most of the Skateboarders in the Union, traveled because of the Skate-Aid and the Union!
1st/09th/2015, Skate-Aid, sent donation equipment’s to the Uganda Skateboard Union! Equipment’s includes Skateboards decks (PLAN B skateboards), Trucks, Wheels and Bearings. The Union appreciates the lip services of Skate-Aid! Enormously from the Republic of Uganda, Plus the Uganda Skateboard Union!
The Union to represents Uganda in World Skateboarding Grand Prix Championships 7th to 10th October 2015 Kimberley, South Africa. Recently, we got…

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