Cruisin’ My 724


When I started this blog, I told everyone that I would try to include more than just skateboarding; so about 3 weeks ago, my friends Mikey and Tyler Reinhart and I went for a night cruise.  Instead of using regular skateboards, we decided to use a longboard, a penny board, and an old school cruiser.

We decided that we wanted to go and cruise the streets of downtown Greensburg, and since Mikey and I both have GoPros, our plan was to film as much cruising as we could.  We both made our own edits of what we filmed that night.  His is called “Skate,” while mine is titled “Cruisin’ My 724.”

Some of the clips may seem similar, but either way, the videos are basically our own perspectives on that night, and that’s what makes them both different in their own way.


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