How to create Custom Griptape Art

Longboards USA

Every longboard needs griptape. Griptape is the gritty, sandpaper layer that is applied to the top of a longboard and skateboard deck, so your shoes will grip the board and you won’t slide off. It is an essential piece you need to make longboarding safer and also to be able to do tricks easier.

The most common color griptape is black and you can get it in a finer grit and coarse grit. The coarser the grit, the better it grips your feet. Griptape comes also in many varieties, patterns and colors. It comes in sheets and rolls. Most buyers buy a sheet that fits their longboard or buy per foot. The rolls are usually handy when you have to grip more than one longboard. You see, you have a lot of choices besides the common black.

Many longboarders and skateboarders make their longboard unique and their own as you can do more with the average…

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