Girl Skate Classes Begin in Palestine



It’s been a long and busy week for SkatePAL in Asira Al-Shamalyia, Palestine. We’ve been working hard to finish the skatepark for the opening in a few days. There are 15 of us working on it and everyone has become better and faster at all the different elements of the build. We’ve been working some very late nights, and sometimes finishing off the surface of ramps by the light of phone torches. Lilly has also been picking up some new skills driving the JCB.

Last week Lilly, Charlie and I went to meet the head teacher of one of the local girl’s schools, to ask about setting up some classes with them. We went into the school with our skateboards, spoke to the teachers and gave a short demonstration on the playground. The girls at the school were so excited to see us. All the children here are very curious…

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