Zach Waples & Yahdai Greene 2015 Skate Part

So What is Skateboarding?

One of the best things about skateboarding is its ability to bridge age gaps.  There are few activities that allow every age group to interact on an equal level, and skateboarding manages to enable that.  As a kid I looked up to several older skaters for different reasons and the best part was that they usually treated me as an equal.   Over time I have found myself progressing over older contemporaries and also seen younger friends surpass me.

Zach Waples, Yahdai Greene, and Cameron Clark are a few of the new blood continuing the tradition of skateboarding in our hometown.  As a veteran to the scene I remember many stages of its development and their little video gets me excited.  I remember sketchy wooden ramps eventually being traded in for cement in PV, I remember the boom, and I remember the scene thinning over and over again.  I hope my…

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