Stance Presents: Urban Thread Poets – Copenhagen cruise


So other than the penny board that I own because I’m too lazy to walk anywhere, I’m not really too big on the skate scene, as a young kid I always found something dope about being able to balance on a plank with 4 wheels and pull off these gravity defying stunts. That shit looked so easy too, deceptively easy, and I found out just how deceptive when I stepped on and fell off a board in quick succession.

What I am big on however, is a good sock. Stance Socks are a sock brand that I discovered about a year ago, and I haven’t worn a full length trouser since, I don’t even know why I bother buying 34 length jeans any more – the world must appreciate my sock game.

But Stance is much more than a sock brand, well yeah they sell socks, but the brand has so…

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