A new Enigma

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Even though I don’t get much opportunity to cruise or hit the parks lately, I still feel the need to have an 8 inch street deck.  I do really enjoy my freestyle skating, but in my heart of hearts, “skating” to me will always mean street.   When my foundation deck cracked, I instantly knew what the next setup would be. I have always wanted an Almost Mullen deck since I restarted skating.  Much like when I was a kid, I selected my current deck based on the graphic.  I love the DC comic series they have, and Edward Nigma, aka The Riddler, has always been my favorite villian.



The deck overall is really nice.  I’m not really sure why Dwindle wood gets such a bad rep.  It is light, with great pop and made with a resin instead of glue, which allegedly makes it more durable. 


On Sundays, after I…

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