Back In The Day

Blue Tile Obsession

Chris Cortum Chris Cortum

William Sharp and I are in the final publication push for the book ‘Back in the Day’. As we were working on the book, it became apparent that — with the sheer number of skateboarders, pools, parks, pipes, contests and lifestyle images — we’d have quite a comprehensive list of skateboarding talent. This evening, I was completing image counts and listing all of the riders that appear in the book. Overwhelmed. I counted over one hundred skateboarders. Legends.

Jay Smith, Shogo Kubo, Jerry Valdez, Johnny Altieri, Tony Altieri, Danny O’Kane, Marc Smith, Tony Alva, Kent Senatore, Dave Ferry, Arthur Viecco, Tom Inouye, Stacy Peralta, Gregg Ayres, Jeff Tatum, Sammy Durick, Gunnar Haugo, Murray Estes, Jeff Tatum, Art Rat, Jim Sigurdson, Jon Warneke, Steve Archer, Kevin Anderson, Henry Lee, David Paul, Brad Bowman, Jay Adams, Steve Picciolo, Shreddi Repas, Marc Smith, Tim Marting, Peter Gifford, Stan Sharp, Terry Bixler…

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