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Stance Presents: Urban Thread Poets – Copenhagen cruise


So other than the penny board that I own because I’m too lazy to walk anywhere, I’m not really too big on the skate scene, as a young kid I always found something dope about being able to balance on a plank with 4 wheels and pull off these gravity defying stunts. That shit looked so easy too, deceptively easy, and I found out just how deceptive when I stepped on and fell off a board in quick succession.

What I am big on however, is a good sock. Stance Socks are a sock brand that I discovered about a year ago, and I haven’t worn a full length trouser since, I don’t even know why I bother buying 34 length jeans any more – the world must appreciate my sock game.

But Stance is much more than a sock brand, well yeah they sell socks, but the brand has so…

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Joshua Deboos

birthe skingen

When I went through my circle of friends to try to find an object for this assignment, my mental roulette stopped automatically on young boy, Joshua Deboos. 18 year old from Sydney, he’s full of life and passion for his favourite activity. Being young today comes with not just a few problems, and we can’t deny that being young today sucks. But the sparks that flies through his eyes when talking about skating is priceless. He has definitely found his place in society, and it is on a board.

Knowing Josh, I already knew that he is a particularly big fan of the underground hip hop environment from the States, which was something I wanted to show off in the finished product. I wanted it to sound a bit dark, and the interview itself is accompanied by Josh rapping a song from his favourite band, Odd Future. As well as…

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A new Enigma

not2old2sk8's Blog

Even though I don’t get much opportunity to cruise or hit the parks lately, I still feel the need to have an 8 inch street deck.  I do really enjoy my freestyle skating, but in my heart of hearts, “skating” to me will always mean street.   When my foundation deck cracked, I instantly knew what the next setup would be. I have always wanted an Almost Mullen deck since I restarted skating.  Much like when I was a kid, I selected my current deck based on the graphic.  I love the DC comic series they have, and Edward Nigma, aka The Riddler, has always been my favorite villian.



The deck overall is really nice.  I’m not really sure why Dwindle wood gets such a bad rep.  It is light, with great pop and made with a resin instead of glue, which allegedly makes it more durable. 


On Sundays, after I…

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Skateboarding And Sandwiches – Physical Activity That Makes Us Happy

Echno - Life Inhabitants

I love skateboarding. Although I might not know tons of wicked tricks, nor dropped down gnarly half pipes, I do enjoy the sport.

I used to have a regular skateboard about two maybe three years ago that I would ride around on. I still have it, but te wheels are garbage. I never had enough money to maintain it, so as soon as the wheels went, I stopped riding.

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Best 2015 Stella Pintail Longboards

Longboards USA

In 2015 Stella Longboards, located in Southern California, introduced some new great pintail longboards.

These pintails come in 46″ and 42″ long.

The deer was a welcome addition to the lineup with its retro colors and cool design.
The aqua classic is now available in blue whereas in the past the version in Orange was a popular pintail longboard.

With the Black Pinstripe Stella longboards added a classic design with 2015 materials and the Irie Staff will be a popular model for generations to come.

Below are more details of the 2015 pintails. Check them out.

Deer Stella Pintail Longboard 46″ – Complete

This Stella longboard Pintail Deer is a full 46″ board. It is a fairly flat board with a deep radial concave towards the edges of the board. It calls on to the wave riders looking to rip on the concrete waves. It delivers agility with the 180mm…

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Partially Sighted Skateboarder Georgia-Rose for Gap Kids Collection…


The Guardian got in touch with us a few months ago, seeking a new face for the UK Gap Kids x Ellen Degeneres Collection. They had to be strong, brave, and to be able to overcome the odds… We knew just the person.

We’ve known Georgia for a couple of years now, giving her skate lessons at the House Skatepark in Sheffield every week. Georgia quickly found her own feet and was competing around the country in no time. We absolutely love seeing Georgia progress and doing so well with skateboarding. For this little girl, skateboarding really has changed her life.

Read Georgia’s story in the Guardian below…

‘It was a fall that would end in triumph, not disaster. “She stood on the edge of the precipice and then dropped for what seemed like an eternity: my heart was in my mouth.” Julie Scott is describing the moment her 10-year-old…

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Back In The Day

Blue Tile Obsession

Chris Cortum Chris Cortum

William Sharp and I are in the final publication push for the book ‘Back in the Day’. As we were working on the book, it became apparent that — with the sheer number of skateboarders, pools, parks, pipes, contests and lifestyle images — we’d have quite a comprehensive list of skateboarding talent. This evening, I was completing image counts and listing all of the riders that appear in the book. Overwhelmed. I counted over one hundred skateboarders. Legends.

Jay Smith, Shogo Kubo, Jerry Valdez, Johnny Altieri, Tony Altieri, Danny O’Kane, Marc Smith, Tony Alva, Kent Senatore, Dave Ferry, Arthur Viecco, Tom Inouye, Stacy Peralta, Gregg Ayres, Jeff Tatum, Sammy Durick, Gunnar Haugo, Murray Estes, Jeff Tatum, Art Rat, Jim Sigurdson, Jon Warneke, Steve Archer, Kevin Anderson, Henry Lee, David Paul, Brad Bowman, Jay Adams, Steve Picciolo, Shreddi Repas, Marc Smith, Tim Marting, Peter Gifford, Stan Sharp, Terry Bixler…

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