Push The Prom + Go Skateboarding Day


GSD15 Crowd

It’s true that every day is potentially a skate day (­#skateeverydamnday, anyone?) but the official Go Skateboarding Day only comes around once a year on June 21st. The longest day of the year goes hand in hand with sunshine, the sea and skateboarding. We, and skaters from all over the country made the most of it at our Push The Prom event held in Brighton for the second year running.

GSD15 crowdshot

One of the best things about Push The Prom is seeing the many new and familiar faces, all of them smiling and enjoying a day of skateboarding. We were lucky from the start, since earlier in the week it had rained a lot, but on Go Skateboarding day the sun shone as much as the smiles of all the girls and guys. Danni did an amazing job with getting everything together for the day, including bringing together a…

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