Blue Tile Obsession

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Kent Senatore and Tony Alva looked across the pool at each other. Tony was telling Kent about seeing a bird earlier that morning when he was hiking down by the beach. He was walking down to check the waves and stopped as a bird flitted from limb to limb. It pipped and chirped at his intrusion. So he thought. Jay Adams had recently passed away and Tony had been thinking about Jay, their lives, and the times they spent together. The sun splashed through the palm trees. Tony watched the small colorful bird as it preened its feathers and spoke to him. “It is just like Jay…” he thought. Waves licked the sand and Tony heard people nearby. The bird took one more look at Tony and rose up out of sight. He felt a weight lift off of him.  “Jay…” he murmured. When Kent heard Tony’s story, he smiled…

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