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Jay Smith at Mondo's Pool Jay Smith at Mondo’s Pool

In 2012, William Sharp and I began working on a book project together. It was difficult from the beginning. Thousands of slides were assembled, all out of order, randomly stored in sleeves… it took awhile just to separate and categorize everything. We both have full time work, so it was a labor of love. Passion. I decided to interview everyone I could and include anecdotes with the images. We did three major photograph selections. Only the best of the best. Then, we spread the love around. For example, I found only one photograph of Lee Gahimer and one photograph of Charlie Ransom… they went in. We both felt that it was important to give as many skaters as we could, the recognition and respect they deserve. We did exactly that.

William Sharp William Sharp

About a year into the process, I was doing the section on Mondo’s…

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