The Uganda Skateboard Union Prepare Next Generations of Skateboarding In Olympics !!!

The Uganda Skateboard Union -

The Uganda Skateboard Union together with Skate Aid in Africa, Uganda already started training hard Younger Skateboarders to prepare for the Olympics which may likely to happen in coming years! These Kids aged (8-13) Years old, These Kids will be representative of Uganda by then in Olympics which is soon to happen!
Skate Aid Project made a lot of effort in different Countries in Africa whereby helping Kids through Organize and set out to Combat Idleness and Boredom among the Youth of Africa by providing a new, Positive and Fun outlet for them through Skateboarding and make Kids happier plus Constructing Skate Parks, forming societies, Clubs in the Communities.

The Union was the first to introduce Skateboarding in East Africa! Skateboarders in Uganda archived a lot! Some companies in Uganda like (PEPIS Cola) Soda Company used the Union Skateboarders for Advertisements like Douglas, Gilbert, Isa, and Ken-man! They are still…

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