Post Modern Skateboard has no board, just two wheels

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When a product shows up on the pages of the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog, you know it’s bound to be entertaining. ThePost Modern Skateboardcertainly fits that description. You might notice the almost complete lack of resemblance to a skateboard as we know it. This product consists of two 10-inch round wheels with foot platforms inside.

A better description would be “annular skates.” “Annular” just means ring-shaped. “Skates” is self-explanatory. Forward movement is created by leaning side to side, a process that looks like it would take some practice. An extendable rod is included to connect the two skates together for easier learning.

This campaign will probably make you put down your phone for on minute

A demonstration video shows practiced riders cruising down sidewalks, making tight spins and rolling over grass lawns.

The $99.95 (about £68, AU$131) Post Modern Skateboard seems to be more spiritually akin to a…

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